What plane to build, where to register it and so on


I am an pilot, so I would like to have my own plane.

I am also kind of a speed junky, fast cars, fast biks this lead to –> a realy fast plane with good long range condition.

Also I am no fan of the big rules of certification for maintanace on my own plane, I see it like this: if I am able to repair a car, and do engine conversions on cars, like fitting a 200hp Subaru turbo enging in a Volkswagen Vanagon, and do get a German TÜV certification for the conversion of my Vanagon (including breaks, gearbox, exhaust and so on), I asoltutly see no problem in changing the oil on a regulay base on my own plane. I will not need a certificat for that, and I certanly will not hand that job to a maintanace facility, since I do know how mechanics do tend to work on other people belongings.

I am also a very economical thinking guy, so I endet up with the Burt Rutan design of VariEze. In fact I was so imprest with the VariEze datasheet, that I nearly acepted the 2seater as not changable, since thats also the max. in Germany for experimental.  But still there was somthing nagging at my minde, I still wanted more, especialy more place for people and luggage on my plane.

I seached the net, and got exact two options

Velocity TXL or XL5  klick for a picture

Cozy Mark IV per plan klick for a picture

Cozy Mark IV including some but not all of the mods form AeroCanard. klick for pic


Since I am thinking a bit ahead, I will fit a diesel enging.

Either a Subaru Car conversion, the 2,5l 150hp chiped to 195hp with a special ECU programmed for plane use by an AMG guy, or the big Delta Hawk intercooled if they got it ready by that time. Both running with 180-220 hp.

A bit low for a Velocity, but good range for Cozy Mark IV


My big problem:

In Germany there is no way for 4 seats in an experimental plane (2 is the German max on that issue), I’m am doing some research on this.

Also experimentals in Germany are not allowed to fly over dens populated area, go IFR or flight at night.

France, wold be possible with 4 places, but I do not speak this language at all, but have some relatives there.

Netherlands, same as with France, but English is common knowleg, so would be possible, also got some friends there.

US, no good because of restrictions of N registering as a forigener, even with the cusin of a very good friend beeing a US citizen hwos living in Germany it would be difficuld. And I don’t want to have my plane in a holding in some sort. I want to have my Name on it, not the name of a holding operated by a lawyer…. no good taste for me.

Switzerland… still checking on that, but seams to be the best solution. Same language, nearest border, no EU but good administrativ relationship with EU, so I would not need a special permit for HB- experimental plan operating in most of EU. (as I would need for N registert Experimental). They  are also working on IFR and Night for Experimental, so it will be available in future…

If needed, I will found a company in Switzerland, operating my own plane. Somehow it will be possible.

Also the EAS was the most forthcomming organisation with information and assistance. So right now, I fly with them!

Thats it, right now.

Hope to see you back here in some time for updates. *g*


out of Backnang (EDSH)